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To provide sustainable environmental solutions that meet specific customer needs and are consistent with the long-term interests of the environment. We will achieve this by employing or partnering with highly educated team members who will assist with in-depth research, proactive design, effective implementation, and long-term support for all our clients. 

Sea Turtle

Certified Safety Diver- Biomarine LLC

Safety Divers in Biomarine LLC are trained and certified to be responsible for the safety of the all the divers on a dive rotation associated to a project. All of our Safety Divers are certified Scuba Instructor or Divemaster.

 · Our personnel include Marine Biologists, Environmental Scientists, Engineers and Environmental Planners, among others.


 ·Biomarine can facilitate professionals in the areas of Architecture, Planning, Civil Engineering, Transport, Hydric Resources, Environmental Engineering, Cost Estimates and Construction Management.

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